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Gerry Hempstead celebrates six years of building strength at 20 Minutes to Fitness.

This is Gerry. You’ll find him photographed at various spots on the 20 Minutes to Fitness website.

Gerry — like everyone you’ll see on our website and in our ads — is a real person, not some fancy fitness model. We tell the stories of real people because 20 Minutes to Fitness delivers real results. And all it takes is working out once a week for 20 minutes.

We know it sounds too good to be true. But this is one case where it is not. Here you’ll train safely on physical therapy equipment under the direct supervision of a personal coach who handles all the details and makes sure you use proper form. We’re not saying it is easy. But it is efficient, effective and fun. It helps your mind and body feel better. Don’t believe us?

Just ask Gerry.

You can’t REALLY get fit by training just 20 minutes, once-a-week, can you?

We’ve been asked that questions hundreds of times over the years — 15 to be exact. And our answer is always the same.  Yes, it IS possible to build strength and get fit by training at 20 Minutes to Fitness  just 20 minutes a week. Study after study has demonstrated the effectiveness of our medically based training method, which involves taking each major muscle group to failure while  using safe MedX physical therapy equipment.

But, if you STILL don’t believe us, here is yet another study that backs us up.  You can find it in the New York Times, or read it here:

From the article:

Here’s some good news for anyone who does not have the time or inclination to linger in the gym and grunt through repeated, hourslong sets of various weight-training exercises in order to build muscular strength.

An inspiring new study of how much — or little — weight training is needed to improve muscles’ strength and size finds that we may be able to gain almost the same muscular benefits with a single, brief set of each exercise.

The catch is, that set has to be draining.

Read the rest here.

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And that’s not all! Join us on Sunday, Oct. 13 and you’ll also:

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Got questions?  Call us at 314-863-7836! We’d love to tell you more.

St. Louis Magazine reporter Jeannette Cooperman visited 20 Minutes to Fitness’ studio in Clayton and tried about our 20-minute, once-a-week strength training workout herself.  Then she wrote an article about what she experienced.

You can read it all here. Or here. Or here.  It’s all the same. We just don’t want you to miss it!

20 Minutes, Once a Week. It works for Dave!

Dave Behnen has been training at 20 Minutes to Fitness in Chesterfield for seven years. He’s not only gotten stronger and improved his golf game, the shoulder pain that once kept him from working out is gone. If you don’t believe us, watch Dave tell his story here!

Have you been wanting to learn more about 20 Minutes to Fitness? Here’s your chance! Show Me St. Louis recently stopped by our studio in Clayton and spoke with Megan Arney, PTA, one of our fitness coaches, as she led a training session.

Can you actually rebuild muscle mass after age 60?

At 20 Minutes to Fitness, we’ve been answering “YES” to this question for almost 15 years. And we’re not alone.  According to the doctor quoted in this New York Times article,

“…men and women in their 60s and 70s who began supervised weight training developed muscles that were as large and strong as those of your average 40-year-old.”

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Meet Darrell Conner, a personal fitness coach at 20 Minutes to Fitness’s Clayton studio.  Darrell competes in Physique Bodybuilding competitions in his spare time. It’s a big commitment.

“Preparing for the competitions means no missed workouts and a strict meal plan for 12 to 14 weeks,” says Darrell, who has shared his story on KMOX radio at the request of station host and longtime 20 Minutes to Fitness client Charlie Brennan.

Bodybuilding may be Darrell’s hobby and fitness goal. But he understands it’s probably not what drives his clients to work out at 20 Minutes to Fitness. “The people who train here work hard every week to attain their personal goals,” he says. “This is why the staff and I enjoy coaching our clients through the process. It is motivating for me to see people of all ages get stronger, lose weight, overcome orthopedic issues and live a healthier lifestyle.”

“Our clients, staff and management have been very supportive during my preparations for competitions,” he adds. “All these things inspire me to stay focused and train to best of my ability.”

Strength training helps build bone

Some of our greatest success stories at 20 Minutes to Fitness are the clients who come in with advanced bone loss and are able to bring their bone scores up, just by adding our workout to their lives. We have countless clients who have come out of osteopenia and osteoporosis, often times able to stop taking medication, by incorporating the safe and efficient resistance training at 20 Minutes to Fitness. Check out this article to read more about the importance of strength training in rebuilding your bone density.