From athlete to physician, the secret to success is focus

Dr. Stacey Smith is today an active and fit psychiatrist in private practice, allied with Washington University’s Department of Psychiatry. But that wasn’t always the case in the years after the former U.S. Ice Dancing Champion and Olympian hung up her skates.

Worried about osteoporosis medication side effects?

20 Minutes to Fitness’ specialized weight training sharply improves bone density, even in the elderly

Strength training does more than bulk up muscles

It may reduce depression, give older people better cognitive function, boost good cholesterol and more.

Lesley Stahl and Barbara Walters Share Secret For Staying In Shape

The workout they use in New York is the same one we offer at 20 Minutes to Fitness.

To thrive longer, get stronger

Which is more important for healthy aging: exercises that work the heart and lungs, or muscle- pumping strength training? Both are valuable, of course, but many experts now say strength training may be the key to preventing disability as you age.

‘Power Of 10’

For decades, some have assumed cardio workouts help people lose weight and stay in shape. But recent studies have shown that the key to fitness and weight loss is resistance training with weights.