Track your progress with our Styku Body Scanner

St. Louis area clients:  have you tried  the Styku Body Scanner in our Clayton studio yet? It’s a great, reliable way to pinpoint exactly where you’re losing inches and replacing body fat with lean muscle mass, and more.

How the Styku Body Scanner Works

A powerful camera creates a 3D image of your body that can be rotated and viewed from any angle.

Completing a body scan is quick and easy. You’ll be asked to stand on an automatic turntable in front of the scanner. The turntable will rotate 360 degrees while the scanner’s powerful 3D camera  creates an accurate 3D model of your body. The entirely non-invasive process takes less than a minute to complete.

Working with a trained 20 Minutes to Fitness professional, you will immediately review a 3D model of your body on a computer screen. A virtual measuring tape will show your measurements anywhere on the body. Body fat composition and other metrics will also be visually displayed.

Your first scan sets your benchmark. Subsequent scans allow you to monitor the changes in your shape and dimensions as your body responds to your fitness and nutritional regimen. You’ll be able to track your loss of inches over time; by comparing overlapping sections of your body from scan to scan, you can see for yourself exactly how and where your body is changing.

Try it! 20 Minutes to Fitness clients who purchase fitness packages can exchange individual fitness sessions for 30-minute body scan sessions. Individual and bundled pricing is also available.

To learn more or schedule a Styku session, call us in Clayton at 314-863-7836.


John Gudeman was a weightlifter and pole vaulter in college. He was an educator for 44 years. And today he is a Senior Olympian with gold medals in the high jump and running long jump.

How does he stay in such great shape?

John is a regular at 20 Minutes to Fitness, which he credits with helping to keep him competition-ready. “I can’t praise my trainer enough,” says John. “Vicki absolutely works the daylights out of me. She is totally fabulous. The people at 20 Minutes to Fitness are like family to me, and I’ve grown to love them.”

We love you, too, John! You are an inspiration to everyone you meet.

John Gudeman, Senior Olympian, 20 Minutes to Fitness client

John executes a gold medal-winning long jump at the Senior Olympics.

St. Louis Magazine reporter Jeannette Cooperman visited 20 Minutes to Fitness’ studio in Clayton and tried about our 20-minute, once-a-week strength training workout herself.  Then she wrote an article about what she experienced.

You can read it all here. Or here. Or here.  It’s all the same. We just don’t want you to miss it!

20 Minutes, Once a Week. It works for Dave!

Dave Behnen has been training at 20 Minutes to Fitness in Chesterfield for seven years. He’s not only gotten stronger and improved his golf game, the shoulder pain that once kept him from working out is gone. If you don’t believe us, watch Dave tell his story here!

Have you been wanting to learn more about 20 Minutes to Fitness? Here’s your chance! Show Me St. Louis recently stopped by our studio in Clayton and spoke with Megan Arney, PTA, one of our fitness coaches, as she led a training session.

Do you realize we are allotted 10,080 minutes each week? And all we’re asking is for you to spend 20 of them with us. That’s it. Twenty measly minutes a week! In exchange, we will help you build your strength, burn fat, increase your bone density, improve your flexibility and balance, stave off the consequences of aging AND look better in a pair of jeans. Not a bad trade-off, is it?

Here’s to a happy and and healthy 2018!

Worried about osteoporosis? Then you should read what 20 Minutes to Fitness client Dorothy Menetre has to say!

I came to 20 Minutes to Fitness because I was bored with the routine of a “regular” gym. It had become monotonous, and I was totally “burned out.”

I enjoy the fact that I can now do 20 minutes, once a week, and I am finished. The benefit I was not expecting is that a recent bone density scan showed a slight improvement in my bone density over the past two years. That is really exciting for me, and it will keep me returning for my 20 minutes.

Thanks very much, 20 Minutes to Fitness!

Dorothy Menetre
St. Louis, Missouri

New Tampa Studio Now Open!

Please join us in welcoming  the newest member of the 20 Minutes to Fitness family: our shiny, brand new studio in Tampa!

Located in Carrollwood, Florida — just north of Tampa — our newest studio offers the same great workout and services available to you in our Sarasota and St. Louis locations.  Once you see it, you’ll never guess that our studio once housed a restaurant.

Whether you’re interested in trying our workout for the first time or just happen to be in the neighborhood, please stop in and say hello! Tell them the Blog sent you!

You’ll find the studio at  11610 N. Dale Mabry Hwy.  You can make an appointment by contacting the studio at or 813.664.8888.

“I’ve been training with Darrell at 20 Minutes to Fitness for almost a year and a half, and I love it.  He tracks my progress and adjust my workouts to keep me safe and challenged.  He encourages me and helps me push myself to work harder.  I know I’m getting fitter by the things (outside of my workouts!) that I’m able to do with a lot less effort.  Also my clothes fit better!! Working out at 20 Minutes to Fitness has really helped me to stay motivated with my other activities too.”

Connie Palmer
Trains at 20 Minutes to Fitness Clayton, MO

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