Movement and Mobility

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Individualized Programs That Help You Move and Feel Better

Feel stiff and don’t know why? Want to learn how to correct or prevent common aches and pains? Wish you could get in and out of a car, or up and down the stairs with ease? Those cranky muscles and joints aren’t just a result of getting older. You may have muscular stiffness, weakness or some other dysfunction that is keeping you from moving with ease and being your best.

Movement and Mobility Sessions

Movement & Mobility sessions are conducted one-on-one in our private therapy rooms. There a member of our physical therapy staff will discuss your physical wellness and general well-being, and then work with you to develop an individualized program that is tailored to address your needs and goals.

At each 25-minute session, we will use proven physical therapy techniques to teach flexibility and balance training, posture correction exercises, injury prevention strategies, self-mobilization techniques, fall prevention, or we will address whatever other techniques are needed to address the special prevention and wellness issues you face.

How 20 Minutes to Fitness Works

Credentials & Pricing

Movement & Mobility sessions are provided by 20 Minutes to Fitness’ physical therapy staff, all of whom have doctorate or master’s degrees in physical therapy. As a wellness and prevention service, it does not require a doctor’s prescription.

Session TimePrice
25 minutes$55
50 minutes$110

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