You can’t REALLY get fit by training just 20 minutes, once-a-week, can you?

We’ve been asked that questions hundreds of times over the years — 15 to be exact. And our answer is always the same.  Yes, it IS possible to build strength and get fit by training at 20 Minutes to Fitness  just 20 minutes a week. Study after study has demonstrated the effectiveness of our medically based training method, which involves taking each major muscle group to failure while  using safe MedX physical therapy equipment.

But, if you STILL don’t believe us, here is yet another study that backs us up.  You can find it in the New York Times, or read it here:

From the article:

Here’s some good news for anyone who does not have the time or inclination to linger in the gym and grunt through repeated, hourslong sets of various weight-training exercises in order to build muscular strength.

An inspiring new study of how much — or little — weight training is needed to improve muscles’ strength and size finds that we may be able to gain almost the same muscular benefits with a single, brief set of each exercise.

The catch is, that set has to be draining.

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