The Health Benefits

Consistent training at 20 Minutes to Fitness delivers proven health benefits, enabling you to:

Build Strength

Beginning at age 30, we all start to lose muscle mass — jumpstarting the aging process. By age 40, muscle loss accelerates, slowing our metabolism as we gain more fat. Strength training helps to stop or reverse this decline. By requiring you to lift weights at a snail’s pace, our training regimen forces your muscles to work harder because you can’t rely on momentum to propel your movements. This approach is especially efficient in building the lean muscle mass you need to support an active lifestyle. Muscle always looks better than fat, too. (Note: Contrary to popular belief, strength training does not build new muscle cells. Your muscle gets stronger when the existing fibers become thicker.)

“My friends ask me if I’ve had Botox. Not only are my muscles toned, my skin looks healthier. I have more energy. My clothes fit better.”

Ann Illig Sarasota

Burn Fat

Lean muscle mass requires more energy to sustain than fat. With our workout, your body’s metabolic rate will spike for an hour after you’re finished as your body tries to help your muscles recover. That means you’ll burn more calories when you are finished exercising than you would otherwise. The more muscle you build, in other words, the better equipped your body is to burn calories. In fact, for every three pounds of muscle you build with us, you’ll burn an additional 120 calories a day with no additional exercise.

Improve Cardio Health

When most people think of cardio exercise, they think of running, aerobics and other high-impact activities that, over time, can damage joints and wear out aging body parts. Our workout not only builds strength, but benefits your cardio health as well. How? The heart is a muscular organ. By taking your muscles to the point of failure, we are increasing blood flow and stimulating the heart to work harder — providing a cardio workout in the process. Our workout also helps lower the risk of heart disease by reducing body fat, decreasing LDL (the “bad” cholesterol), raising HDL, increasing lung capacity and decreasing blood pressure.

“Within a couple of months, a miracle occurred. I could feel myself getting stronger. I could see more definition in my body. For the first time in a LONG time, I had actual muscles! My core was stronger. I today stand straighter and taller. This is an incredibly powerful feeling!”

Diana Houston Sarasota


Osteoporosis is a chronic condition caused by the gradual thinning of bone tissue and loss of bone density. Left untreated, it can result in broken bones and increased frailty — the primary reason older adults wind up in nursing homes. Our medically based, load-bearing workouts can actually help prevent osteoporosis by reducing bone loss and increasing bone density. By stimulating the growth of certain cells (osteoclasts and osteoblasts), our workout lowers the risk of bone fractures, especially in menopausal and post-menopausal women.


Our workout helps control arthritis by stimulating the manufacture of synovial fluid — a lubricant for our joints — helping distribute it over the cartilage and circulate throughout the joint spaces.


Whether you are at risk for diabetes or already have it, the 20 Minutes to Fitness regimen can help you control your condition. Our workout depletes your muscles of stored sugar. In essence, this increases your muscles’ appetite for sugar. When done in conjunction with a low-carb diet, our workout will suppress your insulin levels and help you shed fat as efficiently as possible.

Enhance overall health

Our workout also:

  • Improves overall performance, including emotional wellbeing, memory function and physical fitness by increasing the flow of oxygen and the release of positive, mood altering chemicals in the brain that combat anxiety and depression.
  • Prevents injuries by strengthening the muscles and joints.
  • Helps control blood pressure by lowering the resting heart rate and reducing the level of stress-related chemicals in the blood stream.
  • Helps prevent angina by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow, improving the body’s ability to extract oxygen from blood.
  • Reduces back pain by strengthening abdominal, hamstring and lower back extensor muscles.
  • Improves flexibility and balance by building stronger and more resilient muscles.

“I’m 72 years old and I love to play tennis, and as a result of this unique training at 20 Minutes to Fitness, my tennis game has improved simply because I have more energy, more stamina, and I am much stronger!”

Dee Wernick Sarasota