Cycling Fitness

It takes two things to be a competitive cyclist: a good bike and a body with the STRENGTH and STAMINA to ride as hard on the 64th mile as on the first. THAT takes a special kind of fitness training — the kind you get at 20 Minutes to Fitness.

We use the high-end training equipment and methods used by competitors who want to optimize their training time so they can maximize their time on their bike. The cyclist training regimen used at 20 Minutes to Fitness has been designed to provide cyclists with complete lower body strengthening.

Specifically, it:

  • Builds muscle endurance in the quadriceps
  • Strengthens the glutes for pushing big gears and powering up hills


Our program also strengthens the core, which helps cyclists maintain proper form on a bike. By building strength in the abdominals and back, it also provides the foundation behind the pedal stroke. It enables cyclists to direct power into their legs, eliminating unnecessary upper body movement for a more efficient ride.

This kind of strengthening cannot be achieved from cycling alone, but is best developed using our high intensity, slow cadence technique.

Our slow cadence technique can also:

  • Increase bone strength for cyclists, who may not otherwise get enough impact for proper bone health
  • Improve posture and prevent injuries on and off the bike, which may be caused by the common muscle imbalances cyclists often experience. We do it by working the less-developed hamstring muscles and the upper back muscles
How 20 Minutes to Fitness Works

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