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Track Your Fitness Progress Using 3D Images of Your Changing Body

You’re working out and making better food choices. But how exactly is it impacting your body? Our Styku Body Scanner can show you.

The Styku Body Scanner is a new, reliable way to track changes in body shape, dimensions and more. Think of it as a digital tape measure.

Using the world’s most powerful 3D camera, our scanner will collect millions of data points and assemble them into a 3D model of your body. The model, which can be rotated, panned and zoomed, makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where you have lost inches and replaced body fat with lean muscle mass. It is also a highly accurate way to measure body composition and analyze posture.

The Styku Body Scanner Software
Styku Body Scan

How the Styku Body Scanner Works

Completing a body scan is quick and easy. You’ll be asked to stand on an automatic turntable in front of the scanner. The turntable will rotate 360 degrees while the scanner’s powerful 3D camera captures the millions of data points it needs to create an accurate 3D model of your body. The entirely non-invasive process takes less than a minute to complete.

Working with a trained 20 Minutes to Fitness professional, you will immediately review a 3D model of your body on a computer screen. A virtual measuring tape will show your measurements anywhere on the body. Body fat composition and other metrics will also be visually displayed.

Your first scan sets your benchmark. Subsequent scans allow you to monitor the changes in your shape and dimensions as your body responds to your fitness and nutritional regimen. You’ll be able to track your loss of inches over time; by comparing overlapping sections of your body from scan to scan, you can see for yourself exactly how and where your body is changing.

3D Body Scanner Pricing

Scans Only

1 Scan — $50
3 Scans — $135

Each 30-minute session includes a body scan and one-on-one review and analysis of results

Existing Clients

20 Minutes to Fitness clients who purchase fitness packages can exchange individual fitness sessions for 30-minute body scan sessions.

For more information, ask your trainer or contact us at 314-863-7836 or Clayton@20MinutesToFitness.com.

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