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Prepare to be pampered as you drift into a deep state of tranquility. Your body will be revived with our massages.

Your first step is an assessment. This will include a medical history intake; physical measurements of muscle imbalances, posture and flexibility; a detailed description of your current activity level; and a thorough evaluation of your goals. An assessment is one of the most important tools used in designing your massage program. A typical assessment is 10 to 15 minutes long.

After you have completed your intake form and spoken to you massage therapist about your needs, a structural evaluation will be made of your body. After entering the relaxing massage environment, it is time to get you the results you want! Your massage therapist will spend the next 60 to 90 minutes incorporating as little or many massage modalities that will get you the fastest results. The massages are never painful, but rather always relaxing and enjoyable. We want you to enjoy your massages as much as possible, and you should always leave feeling better and more energized.

The massage types we offer include: Swedish, deep tissue, sports or chair massage and foot massage.

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