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Strength Training

The 20-Minute Workout

Most of us don’t really want to exercise as much as we want the benefits that exercise delivers. We want to be physically fit. We want to slow the aging process and lower our risk of disease. We want to feel good when we look in the mirror.

What we really want, in other words, is MUSCLE. After age 30, we lose an average of 8 to 10 pounds of muscle per decade. The key to fitness after 40 is replacing this lost muscle. In fact, doctors now believe that, next to quitting smoking, strength-training is the single most important thing adults need to do to live longer, healthier lives.

And muscle is what you'll build at 20 Minutes to Fitness.

How it works

Everything we do is medically based and designed to take each of your major muscle groups to exhaustion.

Each session, you work out on high-end MedX equipment that is specially calibrated to work specific muscle groups to your level of strength and fitness -- without putting stress on joints, bones and ligaments.

Your personal fitness coach stays with you the entire time, setting the equipment for you and encouraging you as you reach exhaustion. Without your coach, you'd quit long before you ought to!

It typically only takes a minute and a half to three minutes per machine to reach the point of muscle failure. Then, your coach convinces you to hold on for an additional 10 seconds. This is where the benefit of this approach really kicks in.

During your "time off" during the week, your muscle is rebuilding and growing stronger.