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Nutrition Counseling

Let's face facts: if you are trying to lose weight and improve your overall health, exercise alone isn't the answer. Good nutrition is equally important. For many who are seeking to lose weight, that means making simple lifestyle changes -- changes that not only produce results, but that you can live with long-term. Our Nutrition Counseling services are a great way to get on the right track and stay there. We offer both a six-session package and individual consultations, as needed.

Nutrition Services

Body composition testing -- The training regimen at 20 Minutes to Fitness is designed to build strength. When you build muscle, you will modify your body size and composition in some way. Body composition testing is a way of measuring the current levels and distribution of muscle and fat in the body. Excess body fat may lead to obesity, lower energy levels and increase the risk of disease. Our body composition test provides an accurate assessment of your body fat percentage and lean muscle mass.

Diet analysis -- Our staff nutritionist will provide a complete analysis of your current diet, including micronutrient and macronutrient evaluation.

Metabolic testing -- To lose weight, you must burn more calories than you consume. Metabolic testing is a process that allows you to discover the maximum number of calories you can consume in a day and still lose weight. We can then show you how to make your metabolism work for you through your diet and exercise.

We test:

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR), which is the number of calories you would burn if you did nothing but relax all day. RMR typically accounts for 60 to 75% of the total energy expended by a healthy person.

Exercise Metabolic Rate (EMR), which determines the efficiency and types of fuels used (fats or sugars) during exercise.

Customized meal planning -- There is more to eating than counting calories. You need to ensure you're getting the vitamins, minerals, fiber, amino acids and all the other raw materials needed to repair every single cell in your body. We also all have emotional connections with food that are created by our family history, culture and experience. We will help develop meal plans that both meet your nutritional needs and fit your family's lifestyle.

*Services vary based on location.


Healthy Start Plan -- Includes a metabolic test, meal plan, and 3 total sessions -- $175.00

Metabolic Test with Meal Plan -- Includes a metabolic test, review of results and a meal plan -- $99.00

Metabolic Test -- Includes a metabolic test and review of test results -- 30 minutes -- $49.50

Continued Nutrition Coaching -- 30 minutes -- $45.00



Download the nutrition intake form:

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