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Golf Fitness

20 Minutes to Par

It takes three things to be a good golfer: good clubs, good instruction and a body with the STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY and STAMINA to hit the ball as well on the 18th hole as on the first. THAT takes a special kind of fitness training -- the kind you get at 20 Minutes to Par, our fitness regimen designed especially for golfers.

20 Minutes to Par uses the same training equipment and methods used by pros on the tour. We can get you golf-ready in just eight weeks with two 20-minute sessions a week. After the eight-week program is complete, golfers can choose from two maintenance options: 1) weekly training sessions to further improve their strength, or 2) every-other-week training sessions to maintain their new strength.

The training regimen used at 20 Minutes to Par has been designed to target the important muscle groups used in golf. Specifically, it is designed to:

  • Strengthen the obliques (the muscles that rotate the torso during the golf swing)
  • Strengthen the back and leg muscles
  • Increase flexibility and range of motion in torso rotation
  • Stretch the muscles used in the golf swing

The program also:

  • Reduces the chance of exercise-related injuries to almost zero
  • Builds cardio fitness
  • Increases bone density
  • Reduces back pain
  • Is safe for persons at all fitness levels

Designed to improve golfer strength, flexibility and stamina, it complements, rather than replaces, professional golf instruction.