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From athlete to physician, the secret to success is focus

Dr. Stacey Smith is today an active and fit psychiatrist in private practice, allied with Washington University’s Department of Psychiatry. But that wasn’t always the case in the years after the former U.S. Ice Dancing Champion and Olympian hung up her skates.

ADDED: 2013-12-26

Worried about osteoporosis medication side effects?

20 Minutes to Fitness’ specialized weight training sharply improves bone density, even in the elderly

ADDED: 2013-12-16

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Dick Smothers on 20 Minutes to Fitness

Remember the Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour in the late 1960s? Well, when Dick Smothers lived in Sarasota, Florida, he became a regular at 20 Minutes to Fitness. See what the former entertainer thinks about the workout.

ADDED: 2015-08-17

Show Me St. Louis - Focus on Bone Density

Watch how this 67-year-old woman (yes, she really is 67) improved her bone density by as much as 20% — AFTER she stopped taking medication.

ADDED: 2014-01-13

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How 20 Minutes to Fitness got to Sarasota

Learn the amazing thing Virginia Phillips did after experiencing the 20 Minutes to Fitness Workout while on a business trip to St. Louis in 2003.

ADDED: 2014-08-01

Why we're still the place where DOCTORS work out

Doctors work hard, and they play hard. Just ask surgeon/cyclist Dr. Dave Finlay, who has trained at 20 Minutes to Fitness since 2003.

ADDED: 2014-08-01

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Dr. Sessa Tells Her Story

Have you seen us on your local cable in Sarasota or Bradenton? Tell us when and where - and enjoy our new spot!

ADDED: 2013-12-15

Learn the many benefits of our fitness regimen

Watch to learn the many benefits of our fitness regimen.

ADDED: 2013-12-12