More proof of the benefits of strength training

As people age, lean muscle decreases precipitously and is naturally replaced by fat. A targeted and effective strength training regimen like the one at 20 Minutes to Fitness helps reverse the process, building back the lean muscle and contributing to improvements in nearly every element of health. Check out this article to learn more about what strength training does to promote total body health and fat loss.

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Important information for Clayton Clients

GOOD NEWS: Our Clayton studio is open today!
From all accounts, the demonstrations taking place in the area surrounding our Clayton studio are peaceful in nature. So we will be open for business today.
 If you are scheduled to work out today, your trainer will be in touch to discuss some special parking arrangements we’ve made that, as an added precaution, will enable you to enter our studio from our building’s underground garage without ever stepping foot outside. If you’d prefer to train in our beautiful Chesterfield studios, we are happy to accommodate you.
Please call 636-536-1504 to schedule an appointment. Directions are available here.
If you’ve never been to our Chesterfield studio, by the way, you are in for a treat! You’ll find
 some different equipment to try. Parking is easy, too. And we’re offering a $5 discount to our Clayton clients for making the trip.

Client Testimonial- Sue Matlof

sue_matlofOver the past 10 years I realized that my bone density needed some help. I always said I was 5’8 1/2″ and when I was measured five years ago I was 5’6 1/2″. On further investigation a bone density test indicated that I had entered the Osteopenia range, heading toward Osteoporosis. I have always walked, taken calcium and Vitamin D3. I needed some new activity to help my bone density.

I decided to increase my exercise at 20 Minutes to Fitness to twice a week. And this month I repeated my bone density after two years. I still was five 6 1/2, and my bone density had improved in both my hip and my spine. Thank you 20 Minutes to Fitness!

Strength training helps build bone

Some of our greatest success stories at 20 Minutes to Fitness are the clients who come in with advanced bone loss and are able to bring their bone scores up, just by adding our workout to their lives. osteopenia_01_x500We have countless clients who have come out of osteopenia and osteoporosis, often times able to stop taking medication, by incorporating the safe and efficient resistance training at 20 Minutes to Fitness. Check out this article to read more about the importance of strength training in rebuilding your bone density.

This “younger half” of a pair of comedians has been a 20 Minutes to Fitness client since 2008.

Dick Smothers -- without ad stuffCome on, admit it! You loved to tune into CBS on Friday nights back in the late 60s to see Dick and Tommy Smothers push the boundaries of television comedy. Well, younger brother Dick Smothers is still pushing something these days — the weights at 20 Minutes to Fitness in Sarasota, where he is now retired.

dave finlay

Why we call it “The Doctors’ Workout”

Did you know that, in St. Louis alone, there are more than 40 doctors, dentists and medical researchers who are building strength, lowering their risk of disease and slowing the aging process by training at 20 Minutes to Fitness? Vascular surgeon David Finlay, MD, 53, is just one of them!

Dr. Finlay began training here in 2003. When he is not practicing medicine, he can be found on cycling tours around the world, including one to Death Valley, Calif., this past March, where he completed a 5,705-foot climb over 23.8 miles to Dante’s View. He has this photo in his 20 Minutes to Fitness cycling jersey to prove it.